Automobile Engineering Technology

I. Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Two to three years after graduation, graduates will be able to become:

1. Be a leader in the field of Automotive maintenance - diagnostics and repair.

2. Be a key member of service and business activities in the automotive sector.

3. Be a key member of the automotive engineering design and innovation teams.


II. Student Outcomes (SOs)

After graduating from Automotive Engineering Technology program, students will be able to:

1. Apply knowledge, techniques, skills and modern tools of mathematics, science, engineering, and technology to solve well-defined engineering problems appropriate in the automotive field

2. Design solutions for well-defined technical problems and assist with the engineering design of systems, components, or processes appropriate to the automotive field.

3. Apply written, oral, and graphical communication in well-defined technical and non-technical environments; and an ability to identify and use appropriate technical literature.

4. Conduct tests, measurements, experiments and analyze and interpret the results.

5. Function effectively as a member of a technical team.

6. Apply English in various situations.