Mechanical Engineering Technology

A. Program Educational Objectives: 

After working 2 to 3 years, the graduates will be able to:

1. Design, manufacture and improve mechanical products.

2. Receive and apply new technology.

3. Be responsible for the mechanical activities and services.

4. Do the job with professionalism, responsibility and occupational ethics.


B. Student outcomes: 

After graduating, students will be able to:

5. Apply fundamental knowledge of the majors, mathematics, informatics, technical skills and the equipment/modern machine tools to perform mechanical operations.

6. Design solutions for manufacturing mechanical engineering problems and assist in the design of systems, components or design the process in the field of mechanical engineering.

7. Apply the standards of measurement/conduct testing to implement, analyze, and evaluate experiments.

8. Apply communication skills (speaking, writing, drawing, designing timetables) in technical and non-technical field; identify, and use appropriate materials.

9. Work in groups effectively.