About CTTC

Cao Thang Technical College, formerly named Asian Engineering School, was one of the first vocational schools in the South of Vietnam, and was established on February 20th, 1906 in accordance with the decision from the Governor General of Indochina.

The purpose of the Asian Engineering School is to train indigenous mechanical engineers for French naval industry in Indochina and technicians for the French industry or factories.


The first principal, also an Engineer Captain, was Emmanuel Rosel, who worked for the French Navy as an mechanical engineer.

It was an honor for the school to be the place where the late President Ho Chi Minh had been here for 3 months in early 1911 and late President Ton Duc Thang had stayed here during the 3-year period starting from 1915 for their study.

From 1906 to 1950, the school had been governed by four French principals. Since then, there have been 13 Vietnamese principals.

From 1906 to 1954, the school had provided academic training to mechanical and electrical workers that served for the French Navy. 

The school is located in the central of the capital of the Saigon regime, where the struggles of the various classes of people and the persecution of the Saigon regime have taken place, creating severe political situations, which directly affect Cao Thang students.

During the 21 years of struggle for independence and unification (1954-1975), students of Cao Thang School were always pioneering on the political spearhead of the city youth. This was a generation of struggle for justice, creating weapons from vocational tools, making the school a barricade, remarking the glorious history of Ho Chi Minh City – the Heroic City.

More than one century later, Cao Thang School not only shines in its revolutionary tradition, but is also proud to be the cradle of training thousands of skilled technicians and workers to succeed in many fields, of which many have become elite cadres of the Party and the State, leaders of the People's Committee, the departments – Bureaus - Branches, the production and business units and Heroes of Labor for their outstanding contributions towards building the nation.

The school was renamed to Cao Thang Technical School in June 1956 and then Cao Thang Technical College on October 19th, 2004. 

For over one hundred years since establishment, CTTC has been a reliable institution for students and an elite recruitment human resource for employers.


Cao Thang Technical College has been making continuous endeavors in the mission of developing and advancing the training quality of the school for the past 111 years (1906 – 2017).  Originated from the first goal of the French Colony to establish a school for “providing technical manpower to serve marine services of Colonial Empires”, CTTC has been edifying generation to generation of students to be patriotic and proficient workers to contribute to growth of the country.