Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology

A. Program Educational Objectives: 

After working for 2 to 3 years, graduates will be able to become:

1. A key contribute member in a team to install, manufacture, maintain, operate, repair and inspect products quality Electrical – Electronics (E-E) systems in industry.

2. A key contribute member in a team to do technical and sales consulting for electrical and electronic equipment.

3. A key member of designing team in the field of electricity or electronics.


B. Student outcomes: 

After graduate from Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology program, students will:

1. Use modern measuring instruments to measure and analyze electrical parameters for electrical circuits, electrical - electronics equipment

2. Use suitable electrical equipment in civil and industrial electrical systems.

3. Apply natural science and mathematics to the designing, building, and testing of electrical-electronics systems.

4. Apply soft skills in technical and non-technical environments.

5. Communicate, search and read specialized documents in English.

6. Ability to function effectively in a team as a member of a technical team.

Industrial Electrical Engineering

7. Install, operate, and maintain civil and industrial electrical systems, and automatic control systems on the IoT platform.

8. Design power supply networks, electrical systems in industrial machines, automatic control systems in the production.

9. Measure and analyze the parameters of the power supply network, the power system in industrial machines, and the automatic control system in the production to offer appropriate improvement solutions.

Industrial Electronics Engineering

10. Design, build and improve electronics circuits for industrial applications.

11. Program industrial application using microcontrollers, programmable logic controllers, and efficient exploitation of embedded and IoT systems.

12. Build industrial communication network system for application in control, monitoring, data collection, analysis, and system optimization.