Mini Car Racing Tracks Of Cao Thang Technical College’s Students

27 teams had impressive performances at the final of the self-made modeling car race.


The racing car named “Lan Gio Moi” no.12 of class CĐN KTML16A.

Hundreds of young people have joined in the exciting and dramatic atmosphere of the self-made mini car racing competition. This is a science and technology playground organized by faculty of Automobile Engineering Technology in cooperation with the Cao Thang Youth Union.

On May 27, Cao Thang Technical College was transformed into a true race with the start of dozens of model cars created by students - designed and competed in the second time Mini Car Racing Contest.

"Mini Car Racing" in 2017 attracted more than 350 students, of 70 teams (each team of 5 students) registered to participate in the contest. Especially, this year gathered many teams of "amateur" such as: Faculty of Electronics - Informatics, Mechanical Engineering Technology, ... also enthusiastically participated. From the preliminary round, the contest judges selected 27 teams to enter the final round.


Interesting playground

This is a competition focused model cars with the structure and principles of the real cars with the requirement of self-made over 50%. The cars uses a petrol engine with a capacity of 22-33cm3 and electrically remotes via RF or Bluetooth. The maximum size of the car model is 80cm long, 50cm wide and 50cm high.

Impression of the second time "Mini Car Racing" is in the race track 88m long (each car must complete 02 laps). Three obstacles on racing road are arranged: 3mx2m rocky beach, 40cm high terrain slope, 3mx2m grass terrain.


 Mini car racing teams test their models before entering the qualifying round


The umpire are waving flag for starting the race


The racing cars are over the obstacles

MS. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Automobile Engineering Technology, Head of the organizing committee, said that: “This is a practical playground for students who are passionate about the design of automobiles. It is also an opportunity for them to apply knowledge learned in practice”.

He added, at present, remote control cars and automatic cars are the researching trend of the car manufacturers in the world. Therefore, students practice skills through this competition will be very helpful for their career and work later.


Passion lead

At the end of the race, the MCR1 team of five freshmen from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technology was able to outperform many heavyweight candidates to win the first prize.

The mini car model of the MCR1 is highly appreciated by the judges for its maneuverability, delicate design and flexible control.

Sharing about the process of completion of their car model, Nguyen Dang Khoa, a member in the MCR1 team said: "We are passionate and nurtured the idea of self-made car model. When we knew the school's competition, we have registered to join, even though we are freshmen.

Because of the first year students, they have not been exposed automobile knowledge, so the "road to glory" of the MCR1 group is also extremely difficult. The instructor and friends in the group had to tinker by themselves, study the structure and working principles of the real cars to apply to their model.

To create the chassis, they carry out "over" the stages such as drilling, cutting, milling in the mechanical shop. At the trial run, the model encountered problems with the transmission system, the steering system.


Model cars release smoke when climbing terrain.

Supported by the engines of the old lawn mowers, they have to buy raw materials, self-processing to make the frame.

On the surface, it looks like the model car is quite simple, but the cost of investing in this model is not small.


Result of the mini car racing


The organizing committee awarded the gold trophy to the champion of "Mini car racing" in 2017.

It is reported that the final of "Mini Car Racing" have 13 matches, including 9 qualified round matches, 3 semi-finals and 1 final match to find the champions, and second, third; creative prize and consolation prize.

According to the organizer of the contest, the product with excellent technical solutions, aesthetics, economics, unique and similar to the real structure in features will be selected by the Faculty of Automobile Engineering Technology as a pattern on teaching.

In the end, the MCR1 of class CĐ. CK16D (Faculty of Mechanical engineering technology’s students) with car no.36 won the competition this year. Total of award up to 40 million VND.

"Mini Car Racing is expected to be expanded in 2018 with the participation of vocational schools, colleges and universities with the same training fields such as: University of Technology, College of Economics and Technology, Ly Tu Trong College of Technology, ... ", Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh, Vice Dean of Faculty of Automobile Engineering Technology, Head of the organizing committee, said.

By Thuan Nguyen Van


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