The preparation for the 11th technical skill contest for students - Faculty of Electrical and Refrigeration

Lecturers and students of the Electrical - Refrigeration Department together well prepared for the competition organized by the City Youth Union, Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, and Department of Education and Training of Ho Chi Minh City.

     The contest is a useful scientific playground for students - Students from Intermediate Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Professional Training Institutions with College and Intermediate levels in Ho Chi Minh City.

      The content of the competition consists of two parts: theory and practice. In the theory part, candidates completed their test by answering multiple-choice questions on the computer about social and specialized knowledge (on March 30, 2019, at Ho Chi Minh City College of Economics and Technology).

Candidates from Cao Thang Technical College take pictures during the theory exam

Cao Thang’s team participates in the theory exam

Cao Thang’s team take photos at the grand opening of the contest

In the practical part, the Lectures and Students of the Electrical - Refrigeration Department are rushing to prepare well for their exams. This year, the Industrial Electrical, Refrigeration, and Automation practical exam was held at the Electrical and Refrigeration Faculty of Cao Thang Technical College on April 11, 12, 2019.

Students of Industrial Electrical Engineering at Cao Thang University are focusing on preparing for the practical exam

Student Ngo Ke Loc - class CĐN ĐCN 16A, strengthens technical skills to prepare for the practical exam

Candidates from the Automation Department of Cao Thang School practice their skills with their instructors


Be careful – focus on each action

Automation candidates focus on reviewing the program implementation for the automatic system

Candidates for the Refrigeration profession at Cao Thang School practice technical skills

Candidates for the Refrigeration profession at Cao Thang School strengthen their skills

This contest has many outstanding features and attracts a lot of attention from students, businesses, and companies. With adequate and spacious facilities, the Faculty of Electrical - Refrigeration wants candidates to be determined to complete their exams well.


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