The Faculty Of Economics And Enterprises Solidify Partnership

Partnerships between educational institutions and business enterprises have been viewed as a strategic activity to raise the training standards and ensure appropriate input workforce for businesses.

     With the long-term goal of developing a comprehensive cooperative relationship between training and Businesses. On 15/09/2023 and 18/09/2023, the Economics Faculty of Cao Thang Technical College has welcomed 2 representatives from 2 different companies come to discuss and cooperate - Mr. Lam Minh Hai (HR Manager of LUCATAO Consulting Co., Ltd.) and Ms. Dinh Thi Huyen (CEO of SAVITAX Tax Consulting Joint Stock Company)


Representatives of Economics Faculty worked with Mr. Lam Minh Hai - HR Manager of LUCATAO Consulting Company Limited

     Over years of operation, the Economics Faculty has consistently upheld the goal of improving the ability to collaborate with more enterprises, thereby opening up more educational and career prospects to Accounting students. Being recognized as a significant strategy in development direction, the Faculty has collaborated with business partners to implement numerous programs and activities that contribute to increasing training quality and boosting the supply of quality staffing for businesses.


Representatives of Economics Faculty worked with Ms Đinh Thị Huyền – CEO of SAVITAX Tax Consulting Joint Stock Company

     During the meeting, Mr. Lam Minh Hai thanked the Faculty for organizing a thoughtful greeting. He also expressed the pleasure of LUCATAO Consulting Co., Ltd. to become the unit accompanying with the lectureres and students of Economics Faculty throughout the training process. Next, both spent time discussing in detail the roadmap for implementing cooperation. Mr. Hai agreed to participate as a speaker on the “Welcome new Accounting Students” event that being held on 30/09/23 sharing some key point about working environment, about the essential needs for Accountants and the internship recruitment plan of the company.

     As a former Accounting student of Cao Thang, now returning to school as CEO, Ms. Dinh Thi Huyen also expressed her delight at the evolving relationship between the School and Business. SAVITAX Tax Consulting Joint Stock Company has partnered with the Faculty for many years, sponsoring many academic and skill-building activities for students. It is also where many generations of Accounting students of Cao Thang are employed. The company expects to continue assisting the Department with further operations in the future.

     Master Vu Dinh Ket, Head of the Economics Faculty, and Master Nguyen Khanh Toan, Deputy Head of the Economics Faculty, both expressed thankfulness to the two representatives for coming and working with the School. The Faculty’s representatives expect to promote long-term collaboration strategies with enterprises in training, organizing seminars, academic competitions, and contributing to develop training programs and textbooks., contribute to the Study Support Fund or Scholarship Fund, and create opportunities for students to intern and work at the Companies.

     At the end, Master Vu Dinh Ket sent best wishes to the two representatives and looking for continued cooperation opportunities between the Faculty and the Companies.


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