Student Of Electrical - Electronic Engineering Technology Experience At The Intelligent Technology Exhibition 2023 OCTF


     The Intelligent Technology Exhibition 2023 OCTF (September 21-23, 2023), an event featuring over 200 leading companies showcasing products, services, and solutions in the fields of smart manufacturing and electronic components; consumer electronics and wearable devices; smart home appliances; lighting equipment; smart homes and solutions, etc. This is a highly potential and practical knowledge experience for Electrical - Electronic Engineering Technology students.

     Networking and Learning: OCTF 2023 is not just a trade exhibition but also a gathering of intellect and innovation. Here, students have the opportunity to witness and experience the developments and advancements in the fields of Electrical - Electronics Engineering Technology and Intelligent Technology. It's also a playground for networking with experts and colleagues in the industry. Students can meet, chat, and learn from experienced professionals in the field. This helps students better understand the practical applications of the knowledge, which they are acquiring in their field, as well as the challenges and opportunities in the future.

      Career Direction: One of the most significant values of OCTF 2023 for students is the opportunity to gain a clearer understanding of career potential in the fields of Electrical - Electronics Engineering Technology and Intelligent Technology. This helps students identify a suitable career path aligned with their interests, abilities, and personal skills after graduation. Additionally, career counseling programs directly from businesses will assist students in exploring job positions and internship opportunities within these companies.

     OCTF 2023 is an event not only intended for industry experts but also an excellent opportunity for Electrical - Electronic Engineering Technology students to expand their knowledge, open doors to career opportunities, and equip themselves for the job market in the near future.

Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering - Cao Thang Technical College


Students of Electrical - Electronic Engineering Technology took souvenir photos at OCTF 2023.


Students are excited to learn about companies and businesses at the exhibition.


Students visit and learn about electronic component products with new designs and models on the market.

Students interact with Engineers of Faytech Company and learn about the Company's touch screen products.

Students experience smart watch products from Shenzhen Manridi Technology Company.

Students learn about electronic circuit board products used in industrial and civil machinery and equipment.


The company's experts introduced the company and IoT products applied in the agricultural field.


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