Minicar Racing 2023 Happily Welcome Two Teams From Ariake College (KOSEN) - Japan

Minicar Racing is an annual competition held at Cao Thang Technical College, attracting a lot of attention and participation from a large number of students of CTTC and some other universities and colleges in the South of Vietnam.

This year, the Minicar Racing especially not only attracted teams from schools in Vietnam but also received the participation of 2 teams from Ariake College, Japan.


Two teams from Ariake College (KOSEN)- Japan - participate in the 7th Minicar Racing Competition in 2023

For students of Ariake College, Minicar Racing is probably not entirely strange when in 2022, there were 2 teams from Ariake College participating in the competition through submitting the video. At that time, because the moving situation between the two countries was not favorable, the two teams could not come to Vietnam and participate directly. However, this year, moving between countries has become easier, the 2 teams from Japan were very excited to directly participate in the 7th Minicar Racing Competition in 2023 at Cao Thang Technical College.


Two teams from Ariake College participated in Minicar Racing 2022 by sending video

On the evening of June 15th , 2023, 5 lecturers and 2 Minicar Racing teams including 12 students from Ariake College were present in Ho Chi Minh City, ready to participate in the final round of the Minicar Racing competition held at Cao Thang Technical College in the morning of June 17th , 2023.


On the evening of June 15th , 2023, the lecturers and students of Ariake College came to Ho Chi Minh City to prepare to attend Minicar Racing 2023.

Most of the students from Japan who coming to Vietnam for the first time feel overwhelmed at first, but thanks to the warm and enthusiastic welcome of the students from the English Club of Cao Thang Technical College, the Japanese students had a good impression of Vietnam and became more and more comfortable.


The first dish that Japanese students enjoy when coming to Vietnam is Pho

On the morning of June 16th , 2023, after having a small welcome ceremony between students of two colleges organized by the English Club of Cao Thang Technical College, students of Ariake College quickly started assembling and completing the final steps before finishing 2 mini-cars, ready for the final round on the morning of June 17, 2023.


With the warm welcome of the members of the CTTC English Club, the welcome ceremony took place in a fun and friendly atmosphere.








Members of CTTC English Club take photos with lecturers and students of Ariake College


After that, Ariake College students began to complete 2 mini-cars, ready to attend
the Minicar Racing 2023 final round.




Two mini-cars with unique Japanese style designs are expected to appear on the
Minicar Racing 2023 on June 17th , 2023.


In the afternoon of the same day, 2 Mini car teams from Ariake College and 3 Minicar teams from Cao Thang Technical College had an experience sharing section named "The journey of making an incredible mini-car". At this section, teams shared their experiences when making the mini cars, the inadequacies and difficulties that the teams encountered during the implementation process and the lessons learned after all.


Three teams from Cao Thang Technical College and two teams from Ariake College learned from each other in the experience sharing session "The journey of making an incredible mini-car"



The sharing of experiences from the teams are interested and discussed enthusiastically by lecturers and students



On the morning of June 17th , 2023, the final round of Minicar Racing 2023 took place at Cao Thang Technical College. The atmosphere of the competition was extremely bustle with thrilling competitions from teams from Cao Thang Technical College and other schools including Ariake College.


Two teams from Ariake College attended Minicar Racing 2023 with a special Japanese jacket, creating a very impressive highlight for the competition.



The Ariake teams participated with a very positive spirit, creating an exciting atmosphere
for the whole racecourse


Although the two Minicar Racing teams from Ariake College unfortunately could not win this year's competition, the spirit of the students was very good. They said that they have learned a lot through the competition and also accumulated a lot of experience. Hopefully with these experiences they will be able to win the next Minicar Racing.



Two teams received consolation prizes in this year's Minicar Racing competition. Promise to win higher prizes in the next races



Since 2018, Cao Thang Technical College is honored to be selected as one of the three pilot colleges in Vietnam for the KOSEN program. Since then, Ariake College (KOSEN) has been a companion with Cao Thang Technical College in activities to improve training programs, practical equipment, etc. for Mechatronic Engineering Technology - The program is currently training according to the KOSEN model - under the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Cao Thang Technical College.

The participation of Ariake College students in the Minicar Racing competition at Cao Thang Technical College this year is an activity that not only connects students of two technical colleges in two different countries, but also helps to raise the development cooperation between the Vietnam and Japan.



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