Japanese Students And Project Based Learning (PBL)

     Improving appropriate teaching methods is an essential requirement for training a generation of confident and creative students who can effectively meet the demands of businesses and employers. Drawing from the experience and knowledge gained from advanced education systems around the world, we have adaptively applied various advanced teaching methods to enhance and maintain the quality of education at Cao Thang College.

     One applied method is Project Based Learning (PBL), where learners take a central role in lesson-related projects and practical exercises. Students are expected to be proactive and creative in addressing project-related issues, with lecturers primarily serving as consultants and providing support.


Lecturers participating in the HEEAP-2017 project (Arizona - USA)

     To enhance the connection between Cao Thang Technical College and colleges affiliated with the KOSEN association in Japan, the Department of Industrial Electrical has invited 11 Anan KOSEN students to participate in an experiential program as electrical engineering students. They engaged in a Project Based Learning (PBL) course focused on creating a solar car models.


Connection between Anan School (KOSEN) and Cao Thang School


Anan school students participate in a project to build a solar car model.


Completed product


The students are very cheerful and happy after finishing the project

Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering


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Japanese Students And Project Based Learning (PBL)

Improving appropriate teaching methods is an essential requirement for training a generation of confident...