Final of Battlebot Competition Season 05, 2023 at Cao Thang Technical College

The BATTLEBOT competition 2023 - Season 05 is organized by the Mechatronics department - Faculty of mechanical engineering of CAO THANG TECHNICAL COLLEGE. The tournament is a competition to display technical strength and mechanical - electrical - control and automation technology, a playground of creativity and passion, a destination to enhance the CAO THANG student brand.

Inauguration Ceremony Of Daikin Training Center - Equipment Handover - Sponsoring For The Regular And Academic Activities Of The Faculty Of Thermal Engineering Technology

Recently, the training activities of the Faculty of Thermal Engineering Technology in particular and Cao Thang Technical College in general have always focussed on promoting business cooperation in training, skills development and improvement for students to meet social requirements.

Young Japanese people undergo one-month apprenticeship in Vietnam

Eleven Japanese students traveled to Vietnam to receive vocational training at Cao Thang Technical College in Ho Chi Minh City for one month.

Japanese Students And Project Based Learning (PBL)

Improving appropriate teaching methods is an essential requirement for training a generation of confident and creative students who can effectively meet the demands of businesses and employers.

Student Of Electrical - Electronic Engineering Technology Experience At The Intelligent Technology Exhibition 2023 OCTF

The Intelligent Technology Exhibition 2023 OCTF (September 21-23, 2023), an event featuring over 200 leading companies showcasing products, services, and solutions in the fields of smart manufacturing and electronic components;

The Faculty Of Economics And Enterprises Solidify Partnership

Partnerships between educational institutions and business enterprises have been viewed as a strategic activity to raise the training standards and ensure appropriate input workforce for businesses.

''Introducing New Technology & Consulting on Job Orientation'' Workshop: Decoding career opportunities for Heat and Refrigeration students

     On the morning of September 16, at the hall A - Cao Thang Technical College, Department of Heat and Refrigeration Technology and Daikin Vietnam Company successfully organized the workshop 'Introduction of new technology & Job orientation consulting'

Students From The Faculty Of Electrical - Electronics Visit Jabil Vietnam Factory - 2023

On July 14, 2023, the Department of Electrical and Electronics collaborated with Jabil Vietnam LLC to organize a factory tour program for students belonging to this Department.

Minicar Racing 2023 Happily Welcome Two Teams From Ariake College (KOSEN) - Japan

Minicar Racing is an annual competition held at Cao Thang Technical College, attracting a lot of attention and participation from a large number of students of CTTC and some other universities and colleges in the South of Vietnam.