“Understanding and Improving yourself – Control your mind”


This past March, the CTTC HEEAP Faculty coordinated a unique workshop with the desire to equip students with soft skills and assist them in understanding themselves in a fundamental way. With the active support from the school managing board, the HEEAP June 2013 faculty, organized the workshop entitled “UNDERSTANDING AND IMPROVING YOURSELF – CONTROL YOUR MIND.” The workshop took place on 14/03/2014 at Cao Thang Technical College.

Participants in the seminar included:

  • Dr. Le Xuan Lam, Vice Rector.
  • Mr. Le Van Khoi, Country Director, HEEAP.
  • CTTC Faculty Members
  • Speaker Ho Ngoc
  • More than 300 engineering students

During the seminar speaker HoNgoc presented on the following topics:

  • Discovering passion.
  • The power of passion.
  • The power of the brain.
  • Method intellectual exercises.
  • Maintaining passion.
  • Conscious, subconscious and unconscious.
  • Thoughts that are harmful for mental and physical health.

Thoughts which are beneficial for mental and physical health.During the seminar, excited and enthusiastic students were eager to participate and asked many insightful questions. After 3 hours of vigorous participation, the seminar succeed in achieving the targets of providing the students with a better understanding of themselves and improving their confidence.

Article by:
Nguyen Tuan, CTTC Lecturer

More pictures can be found on the HEEAP FLICKR SITE 

Source: heeap.org


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