Active Learning with Legos at CTTC

As a part of the joyful, welcoming atmosphere at Cao Thang Technical College’s (CTTC) “Welcome New Students 2013” event, members of the HEEAP 2013 cohort organized "Active Learning with Legos," a game-show type competition that created an active, playground-like learning atmosphere for new students while helping them develop soft skills.


The faculty organized the competition, which took place on September 29, into two rounds: preliminary and final. More than 300 engineering students took part in the competition, and thousands more students took part as active spectators.

The HEEAP faculty who organized the competition called it a success, noting that it satisfied their initial criteria. It stimulated the new students’ dynamic thinking abilities and helped them to develop teamwork skills.

In the future, the HEEAP 2013 cohort plans to organize similar game show competitions, creating more useful playgrounds that help students develop the healthy soft skills they need to succeed in the workplace.


Photo Captions:
1. HEEAP 2013 faculty set up the competiton. 
2. Students work together to build with Legos, gaining soft skills like teamwork. 
3. Over 300 engineering students participated, while thousands of others looked on.



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