Solar boats collect waste floating on the river “solar boat challenge 2021”

     'Igniting passion', for the fourth time, the Department of Industrial Electrical, Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Cao Thang Technical College creates a useful playground for first-year students to have the opportunity to show their passion, creativity, learning, and improving the level of solar energy application in environmental protection with the application of 'Riverside floating garbage boat' in the 'Solar boat challenge 2021' contest.

     Also as planned, on the morning of May 5, 2021, at Cao Thang Technical College, the final round of the "Solar Boat Challenge 2021" contest took place with the participation of 22 racing teams selected rigorously from 79 qualifying teams. The teams participating in the final round always strictly adhere to the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic.

     This year, the contest was organized by the Department of Industrial Electrical, creating a useful academic playground associated with practical training activities in the profession. Within the framework of the contest, it once again encouraged the spirit of learning and creativity for Industrial Electrical students as well as engineering students in general.


Organizers, Sponsors take souvenir photos with the finalists

     Attending the ceremony, representatives of Cao Thang Technical College: Mr. Nguyen Cong Thanh, Vice Principal of the University; Dr. Do Chi Phi, Dean of Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering; Mr. Huynh Xuan Dung, Head of the Department of Industrial Electronics; Mr. Le Phong Phu, Deputy Head of the Department of Industrial Electrical; Mr. Phan Dai Nghia, Deputy Head of the Department of Industrial Electrical Engineering. The ceremony was also honored to have the companionship of representatives of your business, the company that is the main sponsor of the contest: Ms. Huynh Thi Hien, representative of Labor and Specialist Export Service Joint Stock Company (SULECO); Mr. Diep Bao Canh, General Director of Red Solar Energy Joint Stock Company RED SUN.


School representatives and the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering presented flowers and medals to the Sponsor

     Speaking at the opening of the competition, Mr. Do Chi Phi - dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering highly appreciated the efforts of the teams that reached the final round. Although it is the first year at the school, with their passion and enthusiasm, they have completed their products. Also in the opening speech, he emphasized the close relationship between the school and enterprises in all fields to improve the quality of training to meet high human resources for the society.


Mr. Do Chi Phi - Dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering gave the opening speech of the final contest

“Solar boat challenge 2021”



The participating teams excitedly raised their name tags in the finals of the competition


Teams check their final products


Teams display their competing products


In the field of competition, the organizers and referees administer the final round of the competition

“Solar boat challenge 2021”

     Regardless of the hot summer weather, the students gathered in front of the field to cheer the teams excitedly. At noon on the same day, the organizers also selected the high-ranked teams for the "Solar Boat Challenge 2021" contest. Team "CD CDT 20B - A" was honored to win the first prize in the contest. The second prize was won by the team “GREEN ENERGY” of the CD DDT20D class. Team "Strange Phenomenon" of the CD TD20A with impressive performance also won the third prize in the contest.


The organizers summarize and award certificates to the participating teams


School representatives and Sponsors give awards to the teams that have won high prizes in the competition

     The contest also closed and was a great success with the companionship of businesses that aroused the passion for learning and research of Cao Thang students. Representatives of your company and enterprises also highly appreciate Cao Thang's students with a good sense of discipline, industrial style, knowledge, and solid skills. Through the competition, the students accumulated a lot of basic knowledge about the profession; improve teamwork skills, technical problem-solving skills, and communication skills. Students can apply the skills and knowledge gained to study well in future graduation projects and projects.

“Solar energy – New development direction in Vietnam”


For more information about the competition, contact us for Electrical - Electronics and Industrial Electrical majors:

Mr.   Do Chi Phi              –          Mobile phone: 0906 767 308

Mr.   Phan Dai Nghia      –           Mobile phone: 0986 457 503

Department of Industrial Electricity


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