Schindler Vietnam grooms the next generation of technical experts

Jardine Schindler Vietnam signed a partnership agreement with Cao Thang Technical College to deploy an “Apprenticeship Program” - the first step by Schindler in collaborating with local educational facilities to develop and maintain a schorlaly qualified and sustainable workforce for the company’s future development.


Vietnam’s economic growth rate has been among the highest in the world in recent years. Amidst a booming local construction industry, there is increasing demand for outstanding performers, technicians and innovators in the country.

Schindler Vietnam, whose global ambition is to attract and retain the most promising talents, has introduced a ground-breaking apprenticeship in cooperation with Ho Chi Minh City’s Cao Thang Technique College. The program aims at grooming future field technicians, honing their skills and equipping them with the right knowledge to get access to regional and global opportunities within the Schindler Group.

CTTC has the merit to be the first place of having this program initiated by an elevator company. 

Over 100 applications were submitted and 17 students had been selected after undergoing a structured written test, group discussions and interviews. The program was officially launched with a ceremony that took place on June 17.

The students’ parents were invited to attend the ceremony and see their children take up a promising career with a prominent multinational company. Also in attendance were many VIPs, including the Deputy Chairman of the People's Committee of HCM, the Minister of Education, Industry and Commerce, the Swiss Ambassador, the British Consulate General, major developers and members of the media.

Ashok Ramachandran, General Director of Schindler Vietnam commented: “This new and highly promising apprenticeship is a game changer in our industry. Without any doubt it will help Schindler Vietnam maintain its leading position in this very dynamic market and contribute in the long-term to further enhance the quality of our services as well as safety standards.”



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