Pearson Education Innovation Award Vietnam

The Pearson Education Innovation Award Vietnam is designed to promote innovative practices in all aspects of teaching and learning in STEM fields for our BUILD-IT partners.

One of the main challenges for Vietnam's educational systems, especially in Engineering and Technology - key STEM disciplines, is to close the gap between academia and industry, between theory and practice. By closing that gap, our graduates will be prepared to meet employer's requirements and at the same time, the educational institutes will fulfil their mission to prepare students to be productive leaders. Education plays an immensely important part in addressing this challenge. The practice of effective, meaningful, hands-on and personalized teaching can benefit learners greatly when educators innovatively design, experiment and apply different pedagogies, technologies, curriculum enhancement, assessment strategies and at the same time, lead and be a catalyst in education transformation through innovations. This award aims to recognize those individuals who are working towards addressing these challenges. 


Innovation in Teaching and Learning Objectives

The Pearson Education Innovation Award Vietnam award is targeted at recognizing innovative approaches in teaching and learning in the context of Vietnam higher education system, include but not limited to:

  1. Classroom/course management and curriculum design innovations, including: new teaching pedagogy that engage students in the learning process; reorganizing the course both online and in-class through the use of educational technology to improve student’s ability to apply what they learn; novel assessment strategies to increase student’s engagement and responsibility for their own learning; course delivery through the use of technology to personalize learning for students.
  2. Globalization of education through educational technology innovations that bring and localize high quality, international courses/curriculum/textbooks to students; consequently, increasing the opportunities for students on exchange programs and experience education at an international context and culture.
  3. Industry collaboration models where advancements from the industry is regularly reflected into the curriculum and students are provided with opportunity to learn practical knowledge and skill.
  4. Evaluation and recognition system to honour champions for teaching excellence through grant, scholarships of teaching and learning, including professional contribution to community of practice, seminars, newsletters, publications and other mode of sharing innovation.
  5. Leadership in teaching innovation that creates new paths and inspires others within and beyond the institution including mentoring colleagues about innovative approaches, working in administrative and service positions to support and promote innovation, participating actively in committees that create innovations to enhance learning.


Application Process

  1. Submit your application by completing the online application
  2. Applicants will receive a confirmation email for their submission
  3. Once the application period closes on January 26, 2018, the committee will review all applications and announce the shortlisted candidates. 
  4. Final candidates will be contacted by a member of our team with details about project presentations and their application.
  5. Finalists will present their projects to the committee and winners will be selected to be announced during 2018 STEMCON.



We will recognize and celebrate up-to five projects each year at our annual STEMCON conference for their innovative approaches to positively impact student’s learning, promote and lead innovation in their community and globalize education experience for students.

Award recipients receive the following:

  1. $1000 USD cash award to expand, scale, share and promote innovation
  2. Sponsored travel and accommodation to speak at STEMCON if abstract and presentation is approved for presentation. 
  3. Invitation to BUILD-IT Certified Facilitator Training Program
  4. Recognition during Pearson’s annual online learning conference, Cite


Selection Criteria

The award recognizes applications from educators and leaders who have implemented innovative projects in their institutions with measurable and demonstrable results. A Selection Committee will be appointed through BUILD-IT and applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  1. Clear description, goals and objectives of the innovations that are align with one or more of the Innovation in Teaching and Learning Objectives
  2. Detailed description of the design and up-to-date progress of the project.
  3. Initial measurable, evidence of impact* and deliverables
  4. Step-by-step plan to share and scale the innovation to the educator community at your institute Finalists of this award will be encouraged to present their project and their experience implementing their project during ASU’s STEMCON annual conference.

*Measurable, evidence of impact:

This is an important aspect for the selection process. The award is designed to support innovations that are impactful on teaching and learning as well as beneficial to the community of educators and learners. The application is therefore must provide a framework through which tangible and measurable evidence can be achieved to justify the impact of the innovation on teaching and learning. Evidence could include feedback from learners (qualitative and quantitative), research  data and analysis, student evaluation of instruction, or measures of change in student performance.




Application form, and information on submission and procedure will be available on BUILD-IT website on December 6, 2017. The information will also be shared via email with all the BUILD-IT academic institutes and through relevant social media channels. 

Finalists will be informed on January 26, 2018 with comments from the selection committee for further revision that will be submitted on February 9, 2018. Winners will be announced during STEMCON 2018, highlighted in our quarterly newsletter and communicated with all BUILD-IT partners via email.



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