Comparing the performance of Ansys Fluent and OpenFOAM in terms of accuracy and computational expense

Natural ventilation is always an attractive topic in civil engineering. The attractiveness of natural ventilation comes from the potential reduction in energy consumption for the purposes of keeping the building atmosphere habitable

Study of the Effect of Baffles on Longitudinal Stability of Partly Filled Fuel Tanker SemiTrailer Using CFD

Sloshing of liquid in partially filled fuel tanker vehicles has a strong effect on the directional stability and safety performance. Under the maneuver of the vehicle, such as steering, braking or accelerating, the liquid fuel in the tanker tends to oscillate. As a result,hydrodynamic forces and moments raise


he PBX system is built based on the training system of Lucas. The equipment set can either be used stand-alone or integrated with other devices to execute analog, IP and GSM services.

Smart Home Model

Smart home is the house with advanced automatic system for controlling lighting, temperature, security, curtains, ...

Smart Monitoring System

Smart monitoring system help users to view images everywhere via the Internet and 3G/ 4G cellular network, providing proactive and intelligent monitoring system

Water Level Control In A Tank

Water level control model is control by S7 - 1200. The model serves for PCS control course

Laser Cutter

In Vietnam, CNC machines have been put to use in civil and defense enterprises but not yet common

The Student Management Software

The Student Management Software (SMS), which is a part of the Software System for Education & Management at Cao Thang Technical College, provides assistance for Department of Student Affairs on managing students in our school

Academy Management Software For Extension Courses

The academy mamagement system is very necessary in Cao Thang Technical College (CTTC) because our school has over 10,000 students

The Academy Management System

The academy management system is very necessary in Cao Thang Technical College (CTTC) because our school has over 10,000 students