Jeff Goss, Assistant Vice Provost, ASU

Remarks by Jeff Goss

Assistant Vice Provost, ASU

CTTC (Cao Thang Technical College) 110-Year Anniversary

November 19, 2016

Good morning. 

My name is Jeff Goss, Assistant Vice Provost for Arizona State University, and Director of the Higher Engineering Education Alliance Program, better known as HEEAP. 

I would like to welcome you to this morning’s historic celebration, and congratulate Cao Thang Technical College on their 110th Anniversary. 

This is an important day for Cao Thang Technical College, CTTC, and I am honored to be here.  Thank you Rector Du (you) for inviting me to be a part of this important celebration. 

Arizona State University and CTTC began working together in 2010, through our HEEAP alliance, to develop and modernize the Teaching, Leadership and Technical Capabilities of Universities and Colleges in Vietnam.  Of the 8 education institution partners, CTTC quickly rose to the top.  They have always demonstrated a significant commitment to creating a stronger, more regionally competitive institution.  Some 68 faculty from CTTC have attended the HEEAP faculty training, learning how to create and integrate new teaching methods into the classroom.  In addition to this, Rector Du (you) and his senior leadership team have participated in several Leadership Summits, both here in Vietnam and at ASU in the US. 

Most worthy of recognition however, is their commitment to, and progress towards ABET Accreditation.  For those of you not familiar with Higher Education accreditation, ABET is a globally recognized achievement reserved for the strongest technical and engineering programs.  CTTC is on the verge of becoming Vietnam’s first college to achieve such recognition.

Over the past several years CTTC has worked closely with ASU, to create new ways of teaching and managing several of their engineering programs.  These changes have one main objective, which is to increase and maintain the highest possible quality of their academic programs.  As they can tell you this has been no easy task.  It has taken both leadership and courage, and a willingness to try new things.  It has taken many, many hours of hard work, and as the Director of HEEAP I could not be more proud of their accomplishments. 

An important thing to point out however, is that all of this work will benefit the students and community.  Achieving accreditation may be the prize, a certificate of recognition, but the true benefit will be the impact of this work.  Students of CTTC will attend some of the most modern and progressive classes in Ho Chi Minh City; they will graduate and bring their world-class education to the companies and offices they work in; and together with these companies they will increase the competitiveness and efficiency of industry in Ho Chi Minh City. 

The faculty too, will continue increasing their knowledge, and building stronger ties with peers both in Vietnam and the US.  This allows them to continuously grow and improve their teaching. 


I would also like recognize CTTC for their continued partnership with ASU.  As mentioned we began working together in 2010, and early next year our partnership will grow even stronger as we move our office from District 9 to CTTC’s campus in District 1.  Thank you Rector Du (you), and the Ministry of Industry and Trade for your support.  Our Vietnam team, which has grown to over 10 in the past year, is very excited to soon have a new office on the CTTC campus. 

Having our offices together will strengthen our partnership, giving ASU the opportunity to deepen its understanding of technical and vocational education in Vietnam.  We will continue supporting CTTC as they work towards achieving ABET accreditation; and together we will continue developing the technical workforce of Ho Chi Minh City to be the most competitive in Vietnam.

Again, congratulations to CTTC on their 110th Anniversary.

Thank you.



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